Additional video content on the subject of HEAL-COVID

Here's a selection of curated video content on the HEAL-COVID study.

Anticoagulation Policy and HEAL-COVID

Prof Beverley Hunt, leading expert and co-author of NICE anticoagulation guidance for COVID-19 discusses the current evidence and recommendations, and why HEAL-COVID is needed.

Eligibility Webinar

Lead Investigator Mark Toshner discusses how to assess patient eligibility for HEAL-COVID.

When a geriatrician is tasked supporting COVID trials

The HEAL-COVID Principal Investigator for University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust talks about their experiences of running covid trials.

NIHR Associate Principal Investigator Scheme

An overview of the NIHR Associate Principal Investigator Scheme and HEAL-COVID.

STOP COVID19 – targeting neutrophils in acute and long covid

Professor James Chalmers presents results from the STOP COVID19 study.

Fibrosis and COVID-19

Professor Gisli Jenkins presents on fibrosis and covid-19.

Genetic implications for targeted therapeutics in COVID

Professor Kenneth Baillie presents results from the GenOMICC study.

Designing trials during a pandemic

Professor Thomas Jaki presents on designing trials during a pandemic.

A SWAT to determine the impact of data collection frequency on participant retention in a trial with decentralised follow up: The HEAL-COVID Trial Professor Carrol Gamble, University of Liverpool

Professor Carrol Gamble presents preliminary results on a SWAT that was conducted to determine impact of data collection frequency on participant retention in a trial with decentralised follow up.

Non-invasive respiratory support for COVID-19 Professor Danny McAuley, Queens University of Belfast

Professor Danny McAuley presents on non-invasive respiratory support for covid-19.

Aparito Overview

Dr Elin Haf Davies provides an introduction to Aparito and an overview of how the data capture platform Atom5 is being utilised in HEAL-COVID.

The use of patient-related outcomes

Mel Calvert, Professor of Outcome Methodology, at the University of Birmingham presents a talk on the use of patient reported outcomes in the HEAL-COVID trial.

There is always time to listen to patients

Dr Paul Wicks, HEAL-COVID Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Lead, talks about the importance of involving patients in all aspects of trials, and in particular focuses on patient and public involvement during the rapid development of HEAL-COVID.